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HOLLA, My friends it's been a while since the last time i wrote something in this blog. These are my stories and experiences when i went through my holiday time. Hope y'all enjoy reading it!

 The weather is getting cold, it rains a lot, and the humid is rising. It's DECEMBER, the end of the year, where we have lots of free time and of course less school. I remember feeling  nervous waiting for the one semester report card. Fortunately I got enough score for me to pass the first semester of my first grade on SHS.

 As soon as my mother knew about my grade/score. My mother told me that I'll be able to joined my family to go back to our hometown. My aunt is getting married there and we decided to attend the wedding and do some trip to travel Bali. 

 I celebrated my new year eves with my cousins at the backyard of my house. We grilled some corns and sausages. For me, my job is relaxing myself on the hammock while watching my brothers barbecuing. At Midnight We all watched the fireworks and wafted paper lantern on the rooftop.

Three days later I packed my luggage and went to the airport. In the evening I already arrived in Bali and i help my grandmother with her wheelchair. I went straight to the Kuta Beach and enjoyed the view of the sunset while drinking coconut. It's getting late outside, so We decided to go to our house in Bali to rest and unpacking things.

 I spent two days to traveled all of the goodness in Bali. Me and My Family visited more than three beaches. It was a wonderful journey, It felt great to escaping the school and the daily busyness. We end the two days journey with a dinner at Jimbaran beach. The sound of the waves, the relaxing beach scent, The flicker from the small lights, i love them all.

 On Saturday morning, I attended my aunt's wedding. I don't have much to say about it. The wedding ended at 9 pm. At midnight I start to packed my luggage and we prepared ourselves to go back home. My flight's back home is at 7 p.m. We got some trouble at the airport, the officer there checked my brother's suitcase and he mistook my brother's sand collection as a cocaine.

We got a huge trouble there, but in the end we can go back home. It's a short journey we took lots of photograph to remember every single moment in it. We rarely gather together cause everyday we got separated with the distance of our school and office. I love every single moment of it even though there's hard time and good time.

" Life is a beautiful collage of priceless moments and memories, which when pieced all together creates a unique treasured masterpiece."  - Melanie M. Koulouris

Sabtu, 17 Desember 2016


Come and join us in 
" Winter Puzzle Competition"

due to World puzzle day
Pearson senior high school will held the winter puzzle competition

All you have to do is making a time lapse video of you finishing any puzzle you have. 


contest begins : 1 december 2016

contest ends : 21 december 2016

you can submit your video to

win your favorite box of puzzles and an Ipad air

for more information you can go to our website at


watch :

Selasa, 04 Oktober 2016


HELLO people!

Every year in SMAN 3 bandung, we always present cultural event . This kind of culture started from 2 years ago. The first cultural event that held by SMAN 3 was “Matswapati”, The second one called “Gamarvani”. And This year  SMAN 3 proudly presented our third cultural event  called “ MEGANTARA “. MEGANTARA was held on 10th of September 2016 at Bali fields beside SMAN 5.

Luckily on my first year of Senior High School, I can joined the commitee of the event. My division was  Decoration and my subdivision was “ STAGE “ cool right?. Although we didn’t have that many works to do. I am enjoying my  time painting and drawing for the name plate. Because...

my hobby was PAINTING.

Three of my classmates, i meant my best friends joined the fashion show competition. Because i had not really that much job on the H day so I worked as their manager. I love organizing things and my side dream job was being an Event Organizer wkwk.

We went to salon not far from bali fields. One of my friend wasn’t wearing hijab, so she must got a hair do. We decided to makeup ourselves, i meant not me obviously because i’am just the manager. We only got 3 hours to shop the makeup and get ready before the fashion show start.

The fashion show went smoothly, but sadly we didn’t win the competition. But still we enjoyed our experience. We really remembered our moment when we were in hurry to go to the bali fields and running with many belongings and complicated outfit.

Many of my Junior high school and elementary school attended the event and we had our little reunion there. We took a lot of pictures together and chit chatting. We ate lunch together and watch the rest of the event together. We had a really fun time.

On the peak of the event “RAN” and “Changcuters” as the Guest star began their shows . IT WAS EPIC!!!. I really love it

In the end of the event, at midnight i went home and split with my friends. My job and activities had complete.


Selasa, 27 September 2016


My Trip To Japan


How was your day??

today i'm gonna tell you about my unforgettable experience.

In this life we surely have that moment where we can't get it out of our head. It always stay on our mind and it's hard to forget. It was like just happened yesterday.

When I was a little kid, my father always go outside the country for job. His job was to find gold, coal, and petroleum for mine industry.

My dad ' s planning to stay in Japan to study his Doctor degree and to do his job as well for about 3 YEARS. I'm shocked about it because my father told me the plan 1 week after he went to Japan.

After a year and i  already finish my elementary school, I got holiday so i went to japan to visit my father with my mother. Two of my brother couldn't go with us because they got busy with their own college life.

My father stayed at Fukuoka, Japan. 
Fukuoka located on the south east of Japan.
He stayed at his apartment in Kyudai-Gakentoshi District.

Me, My Father and My mother took a lot of pictures together. But mostly was just a picture of myself.

Here are some photos that were taken when i was in Japan.

This was when i ate sushi.

Me in my dad university.

Me choosing waffle to eat for my brunch.

My Dad and I in front of Osaka Castle.

My Dad and I waiting in a Harbour.

My Mom and I when we visit Tokyo Disneyland.

There were lot of photos and i picked some of it, Thank you for reading my blog. That's it that i wanted to tell to you guys.
See you next time!!

- the best gifts in the world are not in the material objects one can buy from the store, but in the memories we make with the people we love-

-amanda bagershinov-


The 20th of August 2016

Bonsoir ! guys , nice to see you all.. have y'all missed me? hehehe

this gif really show my excitement right  now

Today I'm gonna tell you all about my activity a week ago.

From monday till saturday, i have to go to school to study eventhough my big reason to go to school was to meet all of my friends.

On Saturday, my school usually have activity, either there is sport or there is an event, last saturday there was no sport because there was WTTF. YEAYYY!!!

WTTF (World Tournament And Techno Festival)

Hmmm.. hearing from the name of the event, WTTF sounds fun , actually IT IS!
My class X Science 6 had to compete with upper grade class that was XI Science 6
to win the game on every station that is provided. 

To go to each station, our group had to solve the riddle to find the location of the station from station 1 till 10. If we win the challenge we take a piece of a puzzle for the reward. Other way to get the piece of a puzzle was by throwing the alien with water baloon. if we caught the alien with water baloon we got a piece of a puzzle and another water baloon for the reward, and if we missed the alien we sadly got nothing.

We really felt our high ambitions through the day and really enjoyed our activity on the event. Eventhough we were not winning against the upper class but still, we laughed a lot and we shared our happiness together.

We have the loudest cheering among others wkwk,

WTTF ended at 1 pm in the afternoon and after the event me and my classmate had to attend our extracurricular :"(.

hmmm in the end I sum up my activity and 2 things I learned were Spend your time to do activity with others and You can't rewind the time. So make a good decision about how to spend your time and always remember that time worth more than money.
yo bro!
Time's up see you in my next blog ok? 

Kamis, 18 Agustus 2016

hello? It's me

hello? It's me Dita

hey there! do you know me? if not, it's okay cause i'm here to introduce myself.

first thing first, name! My full name is Nur Larissa Purwaningdita, "Nur" is an arabic word that means light in english. "Larissa" is a name that came from my grand parents. and lastly "Purwaningdita" i don't know what it means but i'm cool with it. As you can see from my name, im a moeslem eventhough i dont wear hijab everyday.

i'll describe myself for you, I have a round face and medium lenght curly hair. My eyes are big and my nose is kinda flat i think. I have no eyebrows, what i means is that i have eyebrows but it's just a half from normal eyebrow. I'm half balinese and sundanese so my face is so indonesian. I'm a bit fat but you can't see it because i'm tall, hehehe.The different thing thatnd i have chubby cheeks. you can see my photo on the right side.

 I live in Indonesia,of course cause it's my mothercountry. In indonesia there's a town called Bandung and that's where i was born and lived untill now. I live at Sindang jaya Residence, BSJ II street, it located on a hills near mount putri. Y'all should come to visit my house sometimes.

 Everyday i always go to school, I'm a high schoolers yeay. i got into an acceleration program when i'm on elementary so i skip one years of school. I got into so many lesson cause i don't like being home alone waiting for all of my family to come home. So then i take english lesson at tbi, vocal course at purwacaraka and guitar lesson.

Happy is one of the most emotion that i feel, because I'M A HAPPY PERSOOONNN. It's so hard for me to feel sad because my mama told me that you should fully enjoy your life with no regrets. Talking about emotion i tried to be happy all the time cause happy makes the vibes of happiness. And who in the world that doesn't like to be happy? no one, am i right?

One thing i always remember is that life is a rollercoaster it can go up and of course down so face all of your problems and don't run from it, because the only way to get up again it's to clear all of the things that blocked you from being happy.